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    A really educated man with integrated personality is bound to be good and he enjoys unbounded capacity for doing well. His noble sentiments and his highly awakened intelligence bless him with a rare fervor which leads him on the path of virtue. The greatest virtue in man is to be good and to do well and to do good boldly to all friends and foes alike. I feel very happy to meet pupil teacher because it is ultimately you who will make our dream a reality. The India of our dreams will be make our dreams will be a reality only through their efforts. We can lay down certain rules, place some ideas before you but the ultimate responsibility of implementing the ideas lies on teachers, it is their duty. It is very prestigious work because there is nothing above education. According to our scriptures, education is something which makes a man free from fear, poverty ,conflict and gives birth to a new human being.

    There is no end in education. Any person can start taking education at any age as knowledge transfer is the essential requirement at the present scenario, is established in the memory of great leader of the nation to impart to education to all learners. This institute is going to produce the best Teacher in near future.

    The college by its achievements has craved a niche in the academic and co-academic areas. The pursuit of excellence in all fields has ever remained our ideal. The healthy environs, rich culture ambience, disciplined way of functioning equip to bring the best out our trainees and enable them to face the hardships of life and its challenges that come in their path , confidently.

    Sr. Maninder Pal Singh Brar
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