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    Mata Harki Devi Institute's student is no different from any other young aspirant when he makes his way to the institute for the first time. When he leaves, he will have absorbed the ethos of the institution where he will have spent the greater part of every year he stays with us. He returns home, term after term, subtly enriched, spiritually enhanced, emotionally evolved and mentally balanced, and it often happens that parents do not notice the change until they suddenly realize that their son is a Man! One fine day he becomes confident but not arrogant; gentle, not subservient; humble, not brash; self-reliant, not selfish; knowledgeable, not cunning; firm, but fair; independent, but not obstinate.

    His self-esteem is gently tempered with abiding respect for others. He learns to know victory, but be gracious in his surge to the forefront. he rises to the top without the need to stand on other's shoulders. He will not let fear deflect him from his duty, and even if that duty is conflict, he will strive for peace and understanding.

    All schools encourage their students in academics, some even encourage sports and physical activity, and indeed Mata Harki Devi Institute is no different. This Institute helps to provide the environment to refine and reinforce these core values. Some of it happens through the varied opportunities they have here-games, hobbies, societies, outings, debates and other activities. The value is mostly derived from the interaction between student and their teachers and between the students themselves.

    All I can say that being the student of this institute, is being everything an Indian should be.

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